Merrimack River Watershed Wetland Restoration Plan

Project Technical Report

A full project technical report is available below. Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) is required to view the files.

Adobe PDF fileComplete Report (8.1MB)

Report Sections

Adobe PDF fileCover & Table of Contents

Adobe PDF fileChapter 1 – An Overview of Wetland Restoration

Adobe PDF fileChapter 2 – Development of a Wetland Restoration Assessment Model

Adobe PDF fileChapter 3 – Conceptual Restoration Plans

Adobe PDF fileChapter 4 – Recommendations

Adobe PDF fileChapter 5 – Literature Cited

Adobe PDF fileChapter 6 – Glossary

Adobe PDF fileFigures (1.3MB)


Adobe PDF fileAppendix A – ARM Fund Documents (3.6MB)

Wetland Restoration Maps linkAppendix B – Watershed Maps

Adobe PDF fileAppendix C – Functional Evaluation Detailed Methodology

Adobe PDF fileAppendix D – Model Output

Adobe PDF fileAppendix E – Conceptual Restoration Cost Estimates

Adobe PDF fileAppendix F – Functional Benefit Scores for Example Sites

Other Helpful Documents

These reports are important resources for those interested in learning more about wetland restoration:

Amman & Lindley Stone, 1991. Adobe PDF fileMethod for the Comparative Evaluation of Nontidal Wetlands in New Hampshire (Adobe PDF, 5.8MB)

USDA NRCS - Adobe PDF fileEngineering Field Handbook, Part 650, Chapter 13, Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, or Creation

USDA NRCS - Adobe PDF fileTechnical Note No-190-15, Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, and Management (Adobe PDF, 45MB)

Links to Wetland Restoration & Watershed Resources

NH Wetlands Bureau – Wetland Mitigation Program
Rules, law and procedures of wetland mitigation in NH, including more infmation on the Aquatic Resrouce Mitigation Fund.

NH Rivers Management and Protection Program
Information on the RMPP, which administers the “Designated Rivers Act” and assists watershed groups with river management issues. Specific river local advisory committees in the HUC 8 Merrimack River Watershed:

NH Association of Conservation Districts
The county Conservation Districts can provide technical assistance to communities who want to conduct a restoration project.

US Environmental Protection Agency - River Corridor and Wetland Restoration
USEPA website dedicated to wetland restoration issues, including numerous links to helpful resources.

USDA NRCS Wetland Science Website
NRCS provides engineering and environmental science technical support throughout the country.

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